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1 hrs. & 48 mins. 8

Sat, Mar 12th, 2022 @ 4:00 pm

Live Q&A after the show with Peabody Award-winning director, Leon Lee. Via video

About This Movie

Directed by Leon Lee and originally released in the US on 21/01/2022


Based on true events, “Unsilenced” follows Wang, a student at an elite university in Beijing, and Daniel, a jaded American reporter, as they attempt to navigate the 1999 order that banned Falun Gong in China and remains in effect to this day.
New lies and coverups appear around every turn as the Chinese Communist Party attempts to quell the rising voices of dissent, deploying every form of propaganda and suppression that it can muster. With the risk of prison and torture looming over Wang and Daniel, they must all make sacrifices to protect the truth and expose the government’s human-rights abuses.

Audience Award Winner, Austin Film Festival 2021


Sam Trammell, Anastasia Lin, Ting Wu, Tzu-Chiang Wang, He Tao, James Yi