Potterthon in August, Seats in September

RICHMOND, Va., July 11, 2017 –  The Byrd Theatre is pleased to announce a date for new seats, plus four movie marathons headlining a new quarter of special programming.

Center section seat replacement has begun.

If you have seen a film at the Byrd over the last couple weeks, it won’t go unnoticed seats are missing. Our seat fabrication specialists have removed the historical, decorative row endcaps for restoration and refitting to brand new seats. Back rows were too removed, paving way for the accessible platform.

The process will take approximately 12 weeks, concluding with new seat installation scheduled prior to September 8th weekend screenings. The entire project will also include our first accessible restroom, located adjacent to the ground level Men’s facilities.

On July 21, the balcony opens!

That is the date the remaining center seats will be removed, to begin floor preparations which will take approximately six weeks. To increase legroom by spacing rows further apart, it requires ‘moving’ our floor vents – meaning filling and drilling about 80 holes in the concrete slab.

During the month of construction, the theatre will continue to screen your favorite films making the balcony available for additional seating during peak performances.

While the floor seats are removed, the Byrd will host a once-in-a-lifetime event.

On Tuesday, July 25, famed pop-up event planners Underground Kitchen and an acclaimed local chef, design a very special benefit dinner under the Grand Chandelier. For ticket and additional information on The Roaring Twenties Gala, visit http://thebyrd.org/gala.

New this quarter, repertory programming sees yet another boost when the Byrd adds several month-long marathons treating fans of Harry Potter, Quentin Tarantino and Hayao Miyazaki, plus a one-day Monsterthon in time for Hallow’s Eve. Family Classics and Big Screen Cinema titles continue to impress, highlighted by The Graduate, Hitchcock’s The BirdsChicagoWizard of OzET and The Exorcist. The Special Event Calendar posted today extends the schedule through October.

Mondays and Tuesdays during the month of August, the Byrd screens all eight installments of the Harry Potter franchise. Then September begins a director spotlight on Quentin Tarantino, running five consecutive Tuesdays plus a special screening of Grindhouse, Monday, Sep. 18. In October, Mondays turn over to famed anime director Hayao Miyazaki, concluding on Monday, Oct. 30, with the documentary of his work followed by the animated film, The Wind Rises, featured within in it. Sunday, October 29, the Byrd screens Monster classics DraculaFrankensteinBride of FrankensteinThe MummyCreature from the Black Lagoon and Wolfman, from 1:30p through the evening.

The Byrd is collaborating with local startup, Bonfire, to offer special edition T-shirts marking the occasions. The campaign for Potterthon tees launches today and runs for two weeks, so fans may receive their shirt prior to the first screening. Shirt designs celebrating Tarantino Tuesdays and Miyazaki Mondays are planned for August.

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The July-October Schedule is currently posted on http://ByrdTheatre.com or available for pickup from the theatre lobby, with downloads and additional content available on the foundation’s blog: http://thebyrd.org.

This first phase of seat replacement and adjacent renovation closes an important chapter for the Byrd and the Byrd Theatre Foundation, thanks to generous contributions by individuals and private foundations.

From 2007-2014, the foundation worked almost silently behind the scenes. Over $1 million was raised and spent replacing the roof, updating heating and cooling units, and investing in digital projection – all critical to continuous operation as Virginia’s Motion Picture Palace.

Now, only 24 months since release of the foundation’s Strategic Plan, a new vision for the theatre is within reach. With new focus on accommodations, highlighted by a full programming mix, film lovers are finding new reasons to fall more deeply in love with the Byrd.

What’s happening to the old seats?

Seat replacement is happening in phases, and many of the best seats will be used to replace other areas of the theatre. However, the foundation has posted an online signup form for anyone interested in acquiring this unique souvenir of Richmond history: http://thebyrd.org/used-seats

For all updates on restoration and special programming, visit http://thebyrd.org. For weekly schedule information, visit http://byrdtheatre.com.

In 2007, the Byrd Theatre Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formed to purchase, preserve, and maintain the historic Byrd Theatre, which opened in 1928. The Foundation is executing a revitalization plan to achieve the vision of elevating the Byrd’s landmark position among American theaters as a center for film that continues to provide the broadest possible public access to exceptional cinematic experiences. 

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“What’s comin’ will come and we’ll meet it when it does.”
— Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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