New 4K Projector

UPDATE: Now screening.

A quiet installation was completed of the DP4K-32B this past weekend, and we’ve successfully been screening digitally for the last several days. The picture is crystal clear with more twice the previous brightness.

Join us for our FIRST 4K screening this Friday, when we open Disney’s Tomorrowland at 7:15p.

What’s 4K?

Simply put, the best picture quality you’ve ever seen.

4K projection gets it’s name from the more than 4,000 pixels across the picture width. For comparison, that’s 9x original high-definition quality of 720p resolution. Not all films are distributed in 4K just yet, but industry adoption is on the rise.


Original Post, Published June 26th:

This July, the historic Byrd Theatre will become one of a handful of Richmond screens offering the latest in cinema technology, and the only local theater providing the highest quality projection for every film.

The Byrd Theatre Foundation announces the purchase of a new Barco DP4K-32B Digital Cinema Projector with installation expected next week. “The new 4K projector will provide a dramatically enhanced cinematic experience to the already unique treasure that is The Byrd Theatre,” said Gibson Worsham, president of the Byrd Theatre Foundation’s board of directors.