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PRFF-Canes Of Power

56min 20.00

Sun, Nov 24th, 2019 @ 2:30 pm

Part Of The Pocahontas Reframed Film Festival-$20 pass for ALL films

About This Movie

Directed by SILVER BULLET PRODUCTIONS and originally released in the US on April 23rd, 2024


The Canes of Power, narrated by Cherokee Actor Wes Studi, is the story of President Lincoln’s gift of engraved wood Canes to each of New Mexico’s 19 Pueblo nations, forever symbolizing the recongnition of their tribal sovereignty at a time when 13 Southern states were seeking soverenighty from the United States. The film was released when sovereignty was being questioned, as it still is. We pose the question of Why would Lincoln select these 19 from the 500 tribes, and do this, at that time, if at all?