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Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

1 hrs. & 30 mins. 10

Tue, Aug 2nd, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

Theatrical poster for Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

About This Movie

Directed by Dean Fleischer Camp and originally released in the US on March 12th, 2022


Marcel is an adorable one-inch-tall shell who ekes out a colorful existence with his grandmother Connie and their pet lint, Alan. Once part of a sprawling community of shells, they now live alone as the sole survivors of a mysterious tragedy. But when a documentary filmmaker discovers them amongst the clutter of his Airbnb, the short film he posts online brings Marcel millions of passionate fans, as well as unprecedented dangers and a new hope at finding his long-lost family.


Jenny Slate, Dean Fleischer Camp, Isabella Rossellini, Joe Gabler, Shari Finkelstein, Samuel Painter, Blake Hottle, Scott Osterman, Jeremy Evans, Lesley Stahl, and Jamie Leonhart