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1 hrs. & 23 mins. 12

Thu, Jan 28th, 2021 @ 12:00 am

Theatrical poster for Cowboys
Thanks to small independent distribution companies we are able to bring you films that are not in theaters and not streaming elsewhere. They generously split the proceeds of the ticket sales with the Byrd Theatre. Thank you for supporting the Byrd Theatre

About This Movie

Directed by Anna Kerrigan and originally released in the US on April 15th, 2020


Troy and his young transgender son Joe are on the run from his conservative mother in the Montana wilderness, with a detective in hot pursuit.


Steve Zahn, Jillian Bell, Sasha Knight, Ann Dowd, Gary Farmer, Chris Coy, John Reynolds, Bob Stephenson, AJ Slaght, John Beasley, and Travis W Bruyer