Byrd Theatre News

  • Miyazaki Mondays In June

    June 3, 2018

    Hayao Miyazaki’s works are characterized by the recurrence of themes such as humanity’s relationship with nature and technology, the wholesomeness of natural and traditional patterns of living, the importance of art and craftsmanship, and the difficulty of maintaining a pacifist ethic in a violent world. The protagonists of his films…

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  • Family Classics in May

    May 4, 2018

    Family Classics at The Byrd on Saturday morning include a great movie preceded by a classic Warner Brothers cartoon and Bob Gulledge at the console of the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ. Here is the schedule of upcoming Family Classics [ai1ec cat_name=”family-classics” ai1ec view=”stream”]

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  • Classic Kubrick In May

    April 30, 2018

    One of the truly great masters of the cinema, Stanley Kubrick’s films are a perfect fit for the Byrd Theater.  His visual acumen and striking compositions; his sense of scale in tandem with his films’ grand themes (humanity’s relationship to technology; the punishing nature of war; crime, greed, and distrust;…

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  • Big Screen Classics Presents Comedies in May

    April 27, 2018

    Big Screen Classics at The Byrd brings you six classic comedies in May! The 1930s were the heyday of movie comedies. With 25% of the population unemployed, the movies of this period offered an opportunity to escape the day-to-day worries and laugh. The Marx Brothers, Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Kathrine…

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  • March is for Malick

    February 25, 2018

    Terrence Malick films have been released at widely different points and to wild, at times rhapsodic praise. His first two releases, Badlands (1973) and Days of Heaven (1978) were heralded as masterpieces; viewers would then wait twenty years for his followup, The Thin Red Line. Clearly Malick is a thoughtful,…

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  • Fargo: More Than Just a Small-town Crime Caper

    February 15, 2018

    Fargo is a good one, you betcha! The telephone rings at 3am, and a pregnant woman puts on her police uniform to go out into the Minnesota winter. “Eggs,” her sleepy husband says. He wants to make her eggs. We see them eating at a small table in the kitchen.…

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  • No Country for Old Men

    February 3, 2018

    No Country for Old Men opens with an emotionally restrained voiceover from Tommy Lee Jones. “I was sheriff of this county when I was twenty-five years old . . . Some of the old time sheriffs never even wore a gun. A lotta folks find that hard to believe .…

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  • A Conversation with Joanna Wilson, Author of The Triple Dog Dare

    December 4, 2017

    As a pop culture writer specializing in Christmas entertainment, I’m frequently asked each year by readers and journalists if I still watch A Christmas Story marathon on TV. The truth is, I do. The 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story has been airing on the cable networks TBS or TNT…

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  • Miracle on 34th Street Celebrates 70 Years of Holiday Magic

    December 1, 2017

    Miracle On 34th Street, which celebrates the 70th anniversary of its release this year, first appeared in Theaters on June 4, 1947. That’s right, one of the all-time classic, most beloved Christmas films was released in the summer!  We suspect that most people reading this blog are familiar with this…

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  • Name A Seat Campaign At The Byrd

    November 16, 2017

    Be a part of the Name A Seat Campaign at the Byrd! After nearly 90 years, seats at the Byrd Theatre are finally being replaced. The much-anticipated seats will be installed in the center section in September, and we’re offering you the opportunity to sponsor a new seat! For $250, you…

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