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  • Polar Express kids

    The Polar Express and the Era of Motion Capture

    December 20, 2019

    “The Polar Express” is an early 2000s hit turned Christmas classic. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, it tells the story of a young boy who takes a journey to the North Pole during the holiday season and learns that the Christmas spirit, and really the wonder of life in general, never…

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  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night brings beauty to vampires

    October 17, 2019

    A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is a 2014 Persian-language film written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour. Deemed; “A new vampire classic, one to treasure endlessly” by The Playlist, this movie does away with all the classic vampire tropes. Our unnamed protagonist is a vampire teenage girl who…

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  • Rosemary’s Baby – A classic horror film

    October 10, 2019

    Rosemary’s Baby is a 1962 film directed by Roman Polanski, adapted from the novel of the same name by Ira Levin. It follows a young newlywed couple, Rosemary Woodhouse (played by Mia Farrow) and her husband Guy, who have just moved into a new apartment in New York City. Guy…

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  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban a fan favorite

    September 6, 2019

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is among the top three Harry Potter films across multiple official lists and ranking sites, but was the lowest grossing film of the whole series. Regardless, it remains a Potter fan favorite.  In this film, the third in the series, Harry learns of…

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  • Super 8 brings back the 80’s

    August 26, 2019

    Super 8, written and directed by JJ Abrams, tells the story of a group of young friends / amateur movie makers. While trying to film a scene for their zombie flick, they witness a train being derailed. Strange events and disappearances follow and the gang discovers that what they’re witnessing…

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  • The Goonies and childhood

    August 4, 2019

    The Goonies (1985) tells the story of a group of young boys who live in The Goon Docks, a neighborhood which is about to be bought out and turned into a country club. The self proclaimed Goonies must work together to decode mysterious clues and find the treasure of the…

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  • August Brings Summer Blockbusters

    July 31, 2019

    The dog days of summer. Hot and humid here in Richmond, VA. What can cool you off? A movie at the Byrd Theatre! All month we are showing great summer blockbuster films. Big Screen Classics are Wednesdays at 7:15pm and one Sunday a month. Family Classics are every Saturday at…

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  • Rear Window, a Hitchcock classic

    July 22, 2019

    In Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock melds together themes of post war anxiety with voyeurism and suspenseful crime. Rear Window tells the story of L.B. Jeffries, a photographer in New York City who, after getting hit by a car trying to get an epic action shot, has broken both of his legs and is…

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  • The Fifth Element: A Review

    July 15, 2019

    The Fifth Element is the story of a quest to save the universe from an impending evil force. According to an ancient teaching, four elements, and an elusive fifth, otherwise known as the Supreme Being, are the only solution to stop the evil. Our protagonist team is lead by Korben…

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  • Space! July Family Classics

    July 1, 2019

    Each month we bring you a collection of family friendly films every Saturday morning at 10am. This movie going experience includes a Warner Bros. cartoon and a short concert by the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, played by Bob Gulledge. This July, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11…

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