Pre-Code Films for June

Our Big Screen Classics series is curated by our programming committee to bring you films of interest. They are sometimes truly, “The Classics” and sometimes modern classics. We try to pick films that we feel should be seen on the big screen.

This June, we are showing a series of Pre-Code films. Historically, Pre-Code films refer to the films created during the time frame from when the Hays Code was introduced in 1930 and the enforcement of the code in about 1934. The films tended to push the boundaries and feature content of a provocative nature.

Enjoy these iconic films!

Wed June 5, 7:15pm: King Kong (1933) & 9:30pm: Freaks (1932)

Wed June 12, 7:15pm: Duck Soup (1933)

Sun June 16, 2pm: She Done Him Wrong (1933)

Wed June 19, 7:15pm: Baby Face (1933)

Wed June 26, 7:15pm: The Docks of New York (1928), this is a silent film that will be accompanied on the Wurlitzer Organ with Michael Britt.