What about What About Bob?

As we embark on our weekend celebrating the rare comic genius (and dramatic talent) that is Bill Murray, it seems fitting to also address the elephant(s) in the room. Bob Wiley, Herman Blume, Steve Zissou, and Raleigh St. Clair to name a few.

Some of Murray’s more notable works are missing from this weekend’s lineup – What about Bob?, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums…

The answer is regretful and unfortunate, but also unavoidable. They all share DISNEY ownership. Disney is the parent company of Touchstone and Buena Vista production & distribution companies.

Distribution 101

Once a film exits theatrical release (first run or second run), it becomes available for Home Video rental, Blu-ray & DVD, or streaming services, cable tv.  Many distributors continue to offer repertory theatrical release licensing, to allow theaters public viewing of films on a big screen.

Disney, however, has never been one to roll commonality. Once a Disney (and subsidiaries) film exits theaters, it almost assuredly stays that way. Which means you can’t see it again at a theater, ever.

Why, Disney? Why?

The harder restrictions and terms by Disney creates greater demand for their assets, and as such, more popular screenings garnering higher box office sales. It’s a business model that continues to work, so can you blame them?

Regardless, MurrayFest remains full of laughs, covering the wide breadth of Bill’s talent from the zany to the dry, the ad-libbed monologues to memorable one-liners. All seriously funny.

And among our current lineup, we retain:

9 among IGN’s Top 15
6 among Den of Geek’s Top 10
7 among WatchMojo’s Top 10
All Rolling Stone’s top 5 performances


MurrayFest full schedule:


Broken Flowers 7:15 PM
Groundhog Day 9:30 PM


Fantastic Mr. Fox 10 AM
Ghostbusters 2 PM
Meatballs 4:30 PM
Stripes 7:15 PM
Quick Change 9:30 PM
Caddyshack Midnight


Caddyshack 4:30 PM
Lost in Translation 7:15 PM
Kingpin 9:30 PM


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