For Our Patrons

You’ve been waiting to see something happen at the theatre for far too long.

Well we’re listening. And plan to make sure you know where things stand until the new plaster goes up, restrooms are updated and new seats are installed.

That’s why when you hit, you now see a blog.

Big things are happening, and we want you to be a part of it, every step of the way.

In truth, the foundation has made many strides since 2007, keeping the theatre open and operational. We’ve replaced the roof, purchased a digital server, made necessary organ repairs, replaced the boiler and right now, working to complete install of a new chiller. But to be fair, all things you could easily have missed.

Our next project will be restoring the historic blade signage and 1937 marquee. That should prove harder to lose sight of.

It’s one in a series of projects planned as part of overall restoration, to be completed oh, within the next 1000 days or so. 2017 is our target, with the capstone, of course, being new seats.

So please bookmark the page, sign up for our email updates, connect with us on social media, or  just stop by the theatre from time to time. Because the most important thing you can do to help make restoration a reality is by staying informed and sharing with others.